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Italy for Sport – Follow-up mission – Great Sports Events

Logo Olimpiadi RioIt was held in Rome on January 18th , as part of the Project for Italy for Sport, during which they were presented projects that Brazil intends to implement in anticipation of the Great Sporting Events planned between 2014 and 2016, and the opportunities for cooperation and trade for Italian companies.

ICE carries out activities promotion in support of the participation of Italian companies to opportunities business connected with the organization of major sporting events. The project called for Italy Sport was launched in the fall of 2007 to promote the meeting between Italian companies and parties involved in the organization of major international sports events and promote Italian excellence in the wide range of services for sport from the design and construction of the plant, up to the hotel supplies, systems management and security, from clothing to sports equipment.

In preparation the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Brazil has plans to invest over 20 billion euros for the modernization of infrastructure in major cities through urban renewal projects such as improving the public transport system and roads, construction of new hotel facilities, the renovation of entire neighborhoods, the restructuring of airports and the construction of high-speed railway lines.

In the context of Italy for Sport ICE has already organized activities promotional opportunity to present the business related to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, degliEuropei Cup 2012 in Poland and Ukraine and winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi in Russia.


Italy at the XVII Addis Chamber international trade fair

From February 21 to 27, 2013 was held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the seventeenth edition of the Addis Chamber International Trade Fair, ACITF, the international fair is organized annually by the Chamber of Commerce of Addis Ababa. The ACITF is a multi-sector trade fair and is considered the leading trade fair in the country and the Horn of Africa is the number of exhibitors and visitors. The latest editions was attended by over 300 exhibitors from 30 countries and has been visited by over 20,000 people.




Workshop 2012 - Tirana 3 aprile 2012

Workshop 2012 – April 3, 2012

Workshop – framework, opportunities and supplies in the areas of energy, water treatment and solid waste in Albania.





Partnership Opportunities For Italian Companies

February 29, 2012 was held in Rome on Seminar: ” Serbia : economic collaboration opportunities for Italian companies .” The seminar is part of a Balkans Project , financed with funds from the Law 84 / 01 – “Provisions for the Italian participation in the stabilization, reconstruction and development of countries in the Balkans .”
Serbia, thanks to the ongoing structural reforms, is a priority market for start inside of the Balkan forms of economic and industrial cooperation in consideration of attractive business opportunities arising from the various projects funded by the European Union and the International Organisations . The country adheres , in addition, from 2007 to the Central Europe Free Trade Agreement – CEFTA , which currently involves eight Central and Eastern Europe – Albania , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Croatia , Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro , Serbia, Kosovo – in one free trade area .
The seminar provided an opportunity to learn about the projects and opportunities for economic cooperation and development in the country directly by representatives of the Serbian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investment – SIEPA , representatives from the European Union and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – EBRD in Serbia, particularly in the following sectors : Energy – Agriculture and Agribusiness – Infrastructure – Cycle Waste Management – Transport.

The program of works was expected after the Institutional Interventions, Technical Session with a presentation of the development projects. In the afternoon there was the usual meeting with the speakers.