Thin-film Photovoltaic Cell 


The thin solar film is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market for solar panels.

This is probably due to the fact that the cost of production of these new systems proves to be much more content than conventional silicon. In fact, these new systems requiring less material to produce electricity (silicon). Silicon is abundant, but in its pure form is expensive. The thin film using the contrary very thin layers of silicon, thereby reduce costs. The main disadvantage of these new technologies is that solar panels made ​​with thin films are on average less efficient than those using conventional solar cells. This means that a larger area is needed to produce the same amount of sun energy.


Finally the photovoltaic thin film has two main advantages: low price production and wide range of applications. In contrast to these positive factors, there is still a limit to the efficiency hinder a swift and decisive development; but currently, they are developing many new techniques that could actually be overcome quickly spread and convenience for the conventional silicon panels.

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