The Polyurea is an elastometric waterproofing membrane obtained by polyaddition (nucleophilic addition Ties = Pi-bonds greek removed by the formation of new covalent bonds) with aliphatic isocyanate addition of step_growth polymerization. The polymerization reaction is similar to that which leads to the formation of polyurethanes, in fact the Polyurea is a polyurethane terminated with amines, the latter accelerates the socket during the application (approx 5-15 sec.).

It has the advantage of having 0 shares volatile and thus the maximum respect for the environment, excellent tensile strength, flexibility and high abrasion resistance to high temperatures (30 ° -80 °). This is the reason for which the Polyurea is insensitive to water and moisture is given by the fact that the reaction between the two components “A” = iso and “B” = polyol (Polyammina) is so fast that the time does not give moisture to react.

Used both in the industrial and construction field

  • Waterproofing

  • Coating containment tanks for purification

  • Anti-corrosive coating containment tanks for special plants

  • Covering swimming pools

  • Protection and waterproofing canals, bridges, dams and reservoirs.

  • Slabs and  roof paved parking lots and multi-wall units.

  • Insoles and structures of bridges and viaducts, overpasses and interchanges.

  • Extrados of tunnels, courtyards roof, foundations etc…

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