Expansion Joints

The expansion joint and continuity waterproof connecs decks and allows movement of the same.

It consists of rubber elements with variable size and shape depending on the specific excursion, the elements are connected to each other with male / female elements and are anchored to the structure with pull-chemical funds. The deformable elements are vulcanised rubber to metal armor anchor made ​​of rolled steel and entirely united together in the rubber at the time of molding.

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These nourish the deformations and displacements of the structures between (0 ° and 90 °), by means of deformation and cutting of rubber parts.

Reminders-icon (1)

  • Simplicity and linearity with few components
  • The armature enclosed in rubber, not rust
  • Great waterproof qualities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ease and rapidity of replacement of existing joints
  • Excellent skid resistance of vehicles
  • Good amortization vertical shifts
  • Long durability and low maintenance

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