EPDM is an inert material with limited environmental impact during production both during production that the installation and operation. To reduce the emission of volatile substances during installation are used together with the membrane (Cleaners, Primers, Adhesives).

The analyzes carried out in workroom have shown that these membranes do not release toxic substances but allow the collection and use of rainwater for domestic use and also at the end of his service, can be recycled and reused in roofing asphalt road.

epdm_portoferraioBy using EPDM we can obtain an energy saving and a reduction of carbon dioxide, then a black EPDM membrane suitably installed on an isolated roof, will bring benefit from an energy point of view compared to a membrane of light color.

It can also make green roofs that are becoming more and more an integral part of our landscape, because of the environmental benefits, thanks to their physical and chemical characteristics of durability and long life up to 50 years, leading to an optimal solution for applications in extensive green roofs.

A further field of application is in the Photovoltaic Roofing System because of the excellent elastic properties of membrane, that fits easily with any kind of solar panel or photovoltaic laminates, allowing significant savings in energy costs, reducing carbon emissions and thus giving a great support to the environment.

Finally, the EPDM membrane, as well as to give a contribution to ecological environment, with appropriate design, quality of materials and proper installation, gives rise to excellent performance, high durability, resistance to aging.

All these features make this membrane the best option for coverage.

Membrane features:

  • High durability performance (50 years).

  • Excellent flexibility and elasticity

  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents

  • Resistant to UV, ozone and temperature changes (both high and low).

  • Dimensional Stability

  • Limited environmental impact;

  • Life cycle lower cost

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