Vertical Barriers

The purpose of a Vertical Barriers is to prevent the ingress of damp and water into subterranean structures such as basements, cellars, tunnels and earth shielded buildings

The vertical barriers involving the insertion of a HDPE geomembrane thickness of 2.0 – 2.5 mm. maintained in a trench filled with self-curing mud whose function is twofold:

  • They ensure the stability of the walls during the excavation.
  • They contribute to hardening, the formation of a layer composite natural / mud artificiale.Il self-curing is generally made up of a mixture of water, cement and bentonite. For inserzion of HDPE geomembrane are used in the excavation of a frame or a roller. The geomembrane is formed from HDPE panels connected together by mechanical joints type Interlock.

The Joint Interlock creates a maze filled with bentonite slurry, which ensures an average waterproof geomembrane of less than 10 ¯ 8 cm. / Sec.

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