The Eurodrop S.r.l. operates with increasing success in the field of Waterproofing has behind it a family tradition.
It offers to its customers the realization of works with the use of a wide range of technologically advanced products and totally reliable and guaranteed.
The steady technical  updating and quality used materials make, as always, the Eurodrop S.r.l. one of the best companies operating in the field.
The technical staff is always available to give the right solution for any kind of trouble about yard, interacting with a qualified and skilled workforce is always ready to act in a highly professional way.
The company, over the years  has gained significant experience in the field of waterproofing using materials of various kinds and for different solutions, depending on the type of operation to be performed, such as: HD.PE, EPDM, FPO, PVC, Bentonite, waterproofing cement and plastics, Polyurea, Resins, Sealing Hygroexpansive, Photovoltaics …. and much more.
The primary objective is to protect the environment through the creation of naturalistic engineering aimed at protecting the groundwater and to defend the country with waterproofing, drainage, geotextiles, geogrids and woven polypropylene spunbond, rockfall barriers and similar aimed at containment and safety measures from sliding landslides and rockfalls.
Among the various specializations should be noted: the installation of devices such as: Structural joints for civil and industrial construction, anti-seismic retainers for residential buildings; Road trips for large joints, high-damping rubber bearings, retainers seismic for bridges and viaducts for road and rail, road barriers and protections such as guardrails, crash cushions and more; Special coatings that relate to the construction and maintenance of wooden structures.
Last but not least, the Company  is specialized in the design and construction of Watershed for water supplies, Artificial Lakes, Hanging Gardens, Terrace and pedestrian,  areas for the collection and coverage of Solid Waste and Industrial (Capping).
The management offices and deposits of Eurodrop S.r.l. , situated in a central location and easily accessible from highways and expressways, have a continuing storage of waterproofing materials, able to satisfy any request, even those of the utmost urgency.
The commercial relations branch at the Intercontinental, the technical and commercial partnerships with leading companies of high they have expanded their references work at the international level.
The certificates of satisfaction of its products, by public and private entities, were intended by the Eurodrop S.r.l. as incentive and engagement to keep on professional growth.
Application technology quality reached derives from several work experience in collaboration with professionals in the field of interest. The same actualize and improve it through several issues that are addressed and solved.
All this is a matter of warranty and reliability.