EDF Energies Nouvelles organizes its first international summit in France dedicated to the operation and maintenance

edfWith its international presence and its position on the French market leader in business management and maintenance of renewable energy plants, EDF Energies Nouvelles organizes the International Summit: “Management and Maintenance Summit” for the first time in France. Launched in 2013 in the United States, will be held once a year, alternately in each area. Professional Seminar for fleet owners and investment groups, Europeans and Americans, who seeks to establish trade on the major issues of the management of the operation and maintenance of “wind farms” and photovoltaic systems. The seminar will be held 2 to 4 June 2014, Ile-de-France.

Different themes will be developed in lectures and round tables:

• As consider the safety of everyday life?
• What are the criteria for the effectiveness of a team of maintenance and engineering?
• Emissions Research & Development for supervisory systems and remote management of equipment;
• The supervision center, a key element of performance;
• What does exceed the performance objectives and profitability of the installations?
• What opportunities for innovation for new services?


press release: http://www.edf-energies-nouvelles.com/


Klimaenergy and Klimamobility Become Biennial Beginning From 2015.

klimamobility_2014To meet the new demands of the flourishing Italian energy market, Fiera Bolzano chooses to make biennials the appointments Klimaenergy and Klimamobility .
Fair Bozano activated a process of qualification of the fair, which is based on support for innovation and application of new renewable technologies.

Klimaenergy, one of the most important national fairs dedicated to renewable energies, and Klimamobility, the living sustainable mobility, will now have a new direction that will propose the most interesting contributions from all over Europe.

The next round Klimaenergy Klimamobility and is scheduled for the year 2015, then from 2016 will be presented with the annual organization of the International Congress of the first energy level, while on an annual basis will be held on Klimaenergy Award.

Positive outlook for Italy for photovoltaics is not encouraged during 2014

Italy in 2014 will be a market of 1 GW . This year at least 100 MW of facilities will be built without any kind of incentive and the volume will increase in subsequent years, predicts analyst Ash Sharma interviewed by QualEnergia.it .

A recent estimate on photovoltaics at IHS, a leading consulting firm in the industry, expected at the end of 2018 in the world there will be a capacity of around 400 GW, a conservative estimate compared to others, such as Solarbuzz , which provide about 100 GW more. Qualenergia.it asked some questions about the trends in the world of photovoltaics in Italy and Ash Sharma, Senior Director of Solar Research IHS Technology.

Mr. Sharma, in recent years the forecasts for the PV market, especially when they look at more than two or three years, they have almost always proved wrong by default. What led to the growth of the PV to exceed expectations?

Many countries have introduced generous incentives, and this has driven installations and supply of components for photovoltaic systems. The prices of the systems you are so down considerably in recent years , enabling the development of new markets and fostering a boom in solar installations in existing ones. In many cases, rapid growth in several markets were caused by excessive incentives such as Spain and the Czech Republic, with the next stop of the supply tariffs.



Intersolar Europe – The World’s Largest Exibilition For The Solar Industry

intersolar_europa_03Join our German webinar on solar energy storage in Germany with speaker Jörg Mayer on May 13, 2014!

With events spanning four continents, today Intersolar is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. Our objective is to increase the share of solar power in the energy supply. By providing first-rate services, our exhibitions and international conferences bring businesses, technologies and people from the most important markets around the globe together. We have more than 20 years of experiences in opening up markets, providing specialist knowledge and creating links: Connecting Solar Business!


Intersolar Europe takes place annually at Messe München. It is the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. In 2013, 1,292 international exhibitors and round 50,000 trade visitors attended Intersolar Europe. The exhibition focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage and solar thermal technologies. Since its founding, it has become the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the solar industry. The accompanying Intersolar Europe Conference consolidates the topics of the exhibition. In 2013, more than 400 speakers and around 2,000 attendees discussed current industry topics and shed light on the background of technological, market and political developments.

Source: http://www.intersolar.de/en/