Waterproofing helps to prevent damage to structures caused by the infiltration of rainwater where the weak points are the terraces and roofs. The waterproofing should be carried out when you build an house from scratch or existing dwelling.

In recent years the technique has evolved and has made ​​available  new membranes made ​​on synthetic material, impermeable to water but at the same time allowing the passage of water vapor, only in this way can we ensure proper ventilation of the walls that will not damage the walls with damp patches.

Waterproofing, in the building field, is a material or a layer having the function of specific impermeability in the context in which it is inserted. It covers the essential function to make sure that there are no infiltrations of water within a building, in fact usually is positioned where there is a greater risk such as the roof, constantly exposed to the rain and the snow, and foundations in order to counteract the rise of water by capillarity.

Another even more important feature that waterproofing holds today is to allow energy savings and / or to produce alternative energy.

There are on the market a multitude of sealing products whose choice should be made based on the characteristics of the work and, in particular, will enhance those products that reduce the value of the environmental impact and made the containment of the ecological risk.

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