Ventilated Facades

The external coatings of buildings, play an important role in contemporary architecture and qualification of the urban landscape, as well as play an important role in protection against the elements, in particular, the exterior surfaces of buildings, are subject to multiple stresses, like mechanical, chemical, thermal, humidity, associated with not only the quality of human activity, but also with air and therefore weather. These same surfaces, play an important role in the aesthetic impact of the construction and the materials used must be compatible with the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.

The system of ventilated facades, represents the most complete synthesis of the requirements to a wall in order to achieve the well-being within a building, in fact it carries out the primary function of protecting the building from weathering and in particular from infiltration of rainwater into the building structure, that is the main cause of degradation.

Thus spacing the cladding slabs from the wall, creating a ventilated cavity. that combines the action of an insulating layer applied to the wall structure, greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the building.

The construction system is characterized by a build in superimposed layers consisting of:

  •     Insulation material
  •     Metallic structure
  •     Cladding elements

Among insulating coating creates a gap of air (chimney effect) that activates an effective natural ventilation, in particular by promoting the removal of warm and wet.

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