Soil bioengineering

Among the activities for the prevention of disruption, accommodation and territorial recovery, are becoming more naturalistic engineering techniques. They represent the optimal solution in many actions, to achieve the following objectives:

  • creating or rebuilding a degraded natural environment through the use of of local vegetation;
  • hydrogeological and land consolidation;
  • environmental restoration and landscaping insertion of places and infrastructure.

“Soil bioengineering is a discipline technique which uses living plants or parts of them in the implementation of interventions particularly effective for the accommodation of rivers, their banks and slopes, limiting the erosive action of weathering, of embankments and surfaces damaged by natural factors (hydrogeological) or anthropogenic (quarries, landfills, infrastructure works)“.

This matter therefore  involves the use of live plant material and wood as a building material, combined in some cases with inert materials such as stones and boulders, earth, wood, iron and steel, vegetable fibers and synthetic fibers.

The main functions of Engineering Naturalistic can be summarized in the following points:

  • Ecological function the creation and / or reconstruction of environments paranatural or natural shape.
  • Technical function the consolidation of the soil, ground cover, reduction of bank erosion, protect the soil from erosion, hydrogeological and increased retention of meteoric precipitation, drainage improvement.
  • Feature aesthetic landscaping to mend the perceived surrounding landscape, inclusion of works and buildings in the landscape, noise protection.
  • Socio-economic feature on the induced social benefit, economic management of natural resources and the savings achieved compared to traditional costs of maintenance and management of a number of works.
  • Function of development Employment in hilly and mountainous areas or depressed in general.

Our fields of action

Eurodrop S.r.l. applies the techniques of Bioengineering in the following areas:

Protection of the soil in general: 

Arrangement of landslides (nailing of unstable elements in the bedrock, installation of panels, hexagonal mesh, reinforced with steel wire ropes, installation of panels of wire ropes tied to suitable anchors in rock, installation of panels steel wire rope diamond); consolidation, remediation and redevelopment of environmentally friendly natural slopes subject to landslides;

Construction of green roofs (building industry): from the green roof to reduce impervious surfaces;

Hydraulic river banks arrangements consolidation and  construction of noise barriers and embankments plant; restoration of areas crossed by pipelines and underground pipelines;

Consolidation and stabilization of slopes within road and rail:

Arrangement of ports, coasts, coastal dunes stabilization; consolidation of the coastline subject to erosion;

Revegetation: the grassing to stabilize the soil, through the action of consolidating roots; to protect the soil from erosion surface due to the action of pouring rain and surface runoff; to reconstruct the vegetation and fertility conditions.

Projects relating to the works of Bioengineering techniques are prepared by our Technical Department, on the basis of a thorough study local buoyancy, the characteristics of the environmental components present and the objectives of the most appropriate intervention, with the identification of methodologies that better meet the necessary criteria of efficiency, environmental compatibility and economy of  work.

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