Roof Gardens

Roof garden is a botany area built on top of an architectural structure. It is an original and innovative garden achievable in areas where otherwise it would not be possible to get green spaces. In fact  roof garden is required especially by those who live in apartments in the city and don’t have the possibility to get traditional green areas.

The goal is to make aesthetically beautify the exterior of a building, balconies and terraces to level condominium, but more importantly, to offer the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers healthy and wanting also to the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.


The benefits that the hanging gardens give the house and the environment:

  • Improving the aesthetic appearance of the house that will be filled with a variety of colors and scents.
  • Promoting energy saving, due to their characteristic of thermal insulation in both summer and winter. The plants in fact, have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building which results in energy savings.
  • Improving the air quality of the house, with oxygen produced by plants, which are also good for reducing the effects of noise and electromagnetic pollution.
  • They promote the birth of localized agricultural areas that become a source of local food production.
  • Roof gardens offer various recreational opportunities.

 Although designed according to our advice, your roof garden must clearly be enriched with the vegetation that you want, and with patterns that respect the aesthetics of your space.

In addition,  the roof garden construction requires waterproofing systems knowledge, such as  materials  which prevent water infiltration creation, for this reason it is always advisable to rely on skilled people on the matter.

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