Waterproofing Resins

The resins are suitable for waterproofing roofs to flat roofs, sheds, terraces, retaining walls. Their main feature is the maximum flexibility of use.

Being also perfectly suitable to fill gaps, the resins solve definitively the problem of infiltration both in the case of porous materials such as beton, and in all those cases in which the joints are subject, in the course of time, to be practiced openings.

The traditional flooring in concrete, in fact, even if carried out according to the best dictates, can not be separated from their natural permeability and the characteristics of the cementitious binder.

The ceramic or tiles are uneven and not fully perform many of the tasks assigned to them, as they do not always outweigh the general principles of hygiene and safety.

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Unlimited possibilities of intervention with waterproofing resins

They are really various fields of application of waterproofing resins : in addition to concrete surfaces, tiles and floors can also waterproof the wood, marble and concrete.

It can also be waterproofed pedestrian surfaces , bathtubs , swimming pools, driveways and commercial areas and not only terraces, balconies , roofs  and interiors, terraces on both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, sports bleachers .

The waterproofing resin can be performed on parking lots and wherever you need adequate protection against the intrusion of any kind, maintaining the viability since they are the best answer for flooring of all types of commercial premises .

To adapt to any type of waterproofing processing depending on the environments, the resins are available in various colors.


The waterproofing of surfaces of various kinds through the application of resin are characterized by:

  • They have better resistance to temperatures ( both high and low ).
  • Faster installation of the same compared to traditional waterproofing systems.
  • Excellent grip on discontinuous surfaces such as terraces, balconies, tiled surfaces in general and porous materials: cement and concrete;
  • Ability to waterproof tubs and swimming pools;
  • High standards of hygiene;
  • Early intervention and greatly reduced cost because it avoids the preliminary phase of demolition, characteristic of other types of waterproofing .

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