HD.PE Geomembrane

The HD.PE sheets are exclusively produced with high density polyethylene (HDPE) quality made ​​”ad hoc”.

They have excellent chemical resistance, mechanical properties, environmental stress cracking and dimensional stability, polymer containing 97.5% pure, black smoke ≥ 2.0% stabilizers and antioxidants that allows high resistance to UV radiation and exceptional durability in the solar light.

HD.PE Geomembranes for waterproofing system


HDPE Geomembranes (high density polyethylene) made ​​from restored virgin polymer base.

  • Performance

    Produced under total quality and warranted for environmental damage for a period of not less than 20 years.

  • Application

    Waterproofing and confinement of landfills, catch Watershed, reservoirs, industrial and residential waterproofing, encapsulation.

  • Options and type

    • Surface with a smooth finish.
    • With one or two surfaces with improved adherence 1AM/2AM.
    • Green color.

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